seftec closed elbow joint high-speed ultra-precision press was awarded the first (set) product in the key area of advanced equipment manufacturing in Jiaxing

2020-02-26 08:42:37 浙江帅锋精密机械制造有限公司 Viewd 81

According to the "Several Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Modern Equipment Manufacturing Industry" issued by the Municipal Government and the "Administrative Measures for the Definition of the First (Set) Products of Key Industries in Jiaxing Equipment Manufacturing Industry" issued by the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, we launched the 2014 Jiaxing Organize the application of the first (set) products in key areas of advanced equipment manufacturing. The first batch (set) of products declared in this batch totaled 33 items. Based on the preliminary review of the application materials by the Economic and Trade Bureau and the Commission, relevant industry experts were organized to make a defense assessment of the first set of products declared. 22 items are planned to be the first (set) products in the key areas of the Jiaxing equipment manufacturing industry in 2014. The procedures are defined according to the management measures, and the 22 first (set) products are publicized.