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R & D team and core technology

seftec's R&D team is formed by the fusion of the academician expert group of the School of Mechanical Engineering, the elites of the Japanese stamping industry and the returning elites, forming a technological innovation model for production, learning, research and use. The establishment of the company is to establish the goal of high-end precision stamping, to replace imported high-end high-speed precision punches, elbow type high-speed precision punch core technology, materials, processes, design, and product development. user.

In the past years, exploration and accumulation are what we have always adhered to. The pursuit of product production details has earned the company's products the recognition of customers at home and abroad, and has outstanding trust among customers, becoming the industry's integrity brand.

At the same time, many years of hard work have yielded fruitful results. The company and its products have won a number of honors, not only affirming the company's products, but also motivating all employees to move forward to a more ambitious blueprint and climb new heights.


R&D R & D results

Quality introduction

Quality is the value of an enterprise

Business operation is not only an economic benefit. It is also an inherent obligation of the enterprise to abide by corporate ethics and manufacture exquisite products. All Shuai Feng adhering to the dedication and excellence of the craftsman spirit, overcoming impetuousness, digesting and absorbing advanced manufacturing concepts and methods from Japan and Germany, strictly controlling the five major elements of people, equipment, materials, processes and the environment that affect quality, a systematic and standardized process We listen to user suggestions and continuous improvement (PDCA) to ensure the value experience that product quality brings to users.

Environmental management

The constant temperature and humidity workshop is an indispensable environmental requirement for the manufacture of high-precision punches. Under this environment, it can effectively prevent the oxidative corrosion of parts caused by changes in temperature and humidity;

During the manufacturing process of the press, the accuracy of the parts at the same temperature is consistent to ensure the high precision of the entire punch;

3Q6S management makes the job site clean, bright, tidy and comfortable, so that operators can concentrate more and focus on details.

Production process

Craftsmanship, rigorous, meticulous and precise

A high-quality punch is accumulated from tens of thousands of high-demand and high-standard details. Every process is meticulous and accurate, and runs through every link of Shuaifeng punch manufacturing.

Seftec punch press strictly controls the spray painting process and protects the parts. The standard torque of each screw, high-strength anti-loosening agent and management mark, the parts are chamfered and polished. Each key precision is matched. Wait, it is the most beautiful interpretation of the spirit of craftsmen.

Cabinet parts precision machining

The processing accuracy of the punch box components is the frame of the overall accuracy of the punch. The box castings of the handsome punch are subjected to long-term stress aging, and then processed by the top high-precision CNC machining center, and imported CMM inspection. Make the precision stable and consistent, and ensure the long-term stability of the precision of the punch.

Extreme accuracy

Machining accuracy is the foundation of the precision guarantee of the press, and it has extremely high requirements on equipment, technology and management. Seftec's punches use imported high-end CNC machining centers, introduce Japanese high-precision machining technology, and use systematic process solutions to train and manage standardized operations in the process to ensure that the precision of punch parts reaches micron level.

Product testing

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    Parts inspection

    Strict quality inspection standards and systematic testing processes ensure that the size of each component is accurate and in line with the requirements of design drawings。
    Parts inspection
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    Machine temperature test

    Seftec's key parts of each punch press must be tested for temperature changes to determine the stability of the temperature change of the press's moving structure during the stamping process to ensure the stability of the press and the core components' working life.

    Machine temperature test
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    Bottom dead center test

    The bottom dead center test is to verify whether the machining accuracy, assembly accuracy, oil temperature cooling system, and overall accuracy of the punch meet the design requirements of the mathematical model of the thermal balance of the punch, in order to ensure that the dynamic accuracy of the bottom dead center of each punch is the smallest variation range.

    Bottom dead center test
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    Tonnage test

    The tonnage test is a verification of the ability of the press to ensure that each punch selected by the customer meets the design requirements and meets the customer's production.

    Tonnage test