Company profile

Seftec Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is engaged in high-end high-speed ultra-precision punch, R & D, and manufacturing enterprises. The company was registered and established on December 13, 2012, and moved to the new factory in 2019. The new workshop covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. Through the production planning of the new workshop, it further improves the customer order delivery and production capacity. In order to better ensure the quality of punch products, the company has invested two high-precision CMM and built two constant temperature testing rooms, covering an area of 600 square meters. Put into 2 environmental protection coating baking paint workshop equipment production line, covers an area of more than 1500 square meters; In order to better meet customer needs, let customers rest assured, the company will continue to invest in high-end precision CNC machining center and processing working machine.

The company has more than 100 employees, the core technical team from the Japanese stamping industry elite, academician experts, returnee elite composed of research and development, technology, production and sales team, the company independent research and development, and achieve mass production of elbow joint type high-speed precision punch, high-speed precision crankshaft punch, Mainly used in semiconductor integrated circuit IC lead frame, electronic connectors, hardware electronics, efficient motor parts stamping production. 

Our products have gained a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets, and have been continuously purchased by customers in such industries as integrated circuit lead frame, LED bracket and connectors. As well as in Korea, Russia market to form the same kind of Japanese punch to replace, sincerely invite the majority of high precision stamping users, your needs is our service for you and create value for you the opportunity.

Company profile

Factory show

Seftec adhering to the rigorous, precise and refined management concept, through 3Q6S management tools,

to create neat, clean and comfortable production conditions and working environment to ensure product quality。

Company philosophy

Seftec cause is the dream team of like-minded and persistent, Chi, Chi, treatment with customer value for the Road craftsman spirit spirituality into every detail of product design and manufacturing

Focus on technology

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Take quality as life



Pass the value of Shuai Feng punches to customers through marketing and service, get the word of mouth of customers, and achieve the high-speed precision punch business of Seftec.